Baby Dedications & Weddings

Baby Dedications

Our next Baby Dedication is Sunday, September 16, 2018. If you would like to your infant dedicated, please call Susan Beaty at (325) 949-9633 or email




A non-refundable reservation deposit of 50% of the total building fee is required and must be turned into the office along with Form 1 to book the event.

A refundable key, security, and cleaning deposit of $200 cash is required at the time the key is issued. Deposit will be refunded if: key is returned, building is left clean and in good repair, and all building policies were adhered to. 

Note: The $200 cash deposit will be forfeited if any of the policies are not upheld, if there is any damage to the facility, or if you cause the security alarm to be set off or sounded.

See the Deposit Policy Document for more specific information.


Building Use/Cleaning Fees



Worship Center






Fellowship Hall












*Members include children and grandchildren of current, active members. Members who have not participated in either worship or Bible study for a period of one year are considered inactive and will be charged the non-member fee.

See the Policies for Weddings and Receptions for more specific information.