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9/27/18 A Message From Chris

Renovate:  The word comes from a  16th century Latin word which means “made new again”.  Webster defines renovate this way: to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding) to restore to life, vigor, or activity


            In the early 20th century, the word lost its luster; it was rarely used.  However, the twenty-first century has fallen in love with the word once again.  Whether it is Chip and Joanna’s Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, or Flip or Flop, HGTV has single handedly made “Renovate” the in thing to do.

            The Currans moved to San Angelo… and what home did we buy—a 1970’s ranch style home that had totally been renovated.  Not too long ago, we had someone over to do some work and amazingly it was the home that he was raised in during the 1980’s.  He looked at us and said, “It is not even the same home”—it has come to life, it has been made for a new way of living.


            Dallas Willard once wrote a book, “Renovation of the Heart”.  In it, he wrote these words:  “God saves us by realistic restoration of our heart to God and then by dwelling there with his Father through the distinctively divine Spirit. The heart thus renovated and inhabited is the only real hope of humanity on earth.”  My home had been neglected for way too long of a time, and it needed a major overhaul.  However, I might encourage us to look at our heart—when was the last time we spent time renovating, repairing, restoring, or rebuilding our soul.  I imagine if we did, someone might look at us and say, “It is not even the same person”… he (she) has come to life and has been made for a new way of living.


            This Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. in the MPB, we will discuss possible renovations for the church (I hope you will be there)… but may I suggest, a renovation of the heart might be what is most needed in our lives today.


Grace and Peace,



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