9/27/18 A Message From Chris

Renovate:  The word comes from a  16th century Latin word which means “made new again”.  Webster defines renovate this way: to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding) to restore to life, vigor, or activity


            In the early 20th century, the word lost its luster; it was rarely used.  However, the twenty-first century has fallen in love with the word once again.  Whether it is Chip and Joanna’s Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, or Flip or Flop, HGTV has single handedly made “Renovate” the in thing to do.

            The Currans moved to San Angelo… and what home did we buy—a 1970’s ranch style home that had totally been renovated.  Not too long ago, we had someone over to do some work and amazingly it was the home that he was raised in during the 1980’s.  He looked at us and said, “It is not even the same home”—it has come to life, it has been made for a new way of living.


            Dallas Willard once wrote a book, “Renovation of the Heart”.  In it, he wrote these words:  “God saves us by realistic restoration of our heart to God and then by dwelling there with his Father through the distinctively divine Spirit. The heart thus renovated and inhabited is the only real hope of humanity on earth.”  My home had been neglected for way too long of a time, and it needed a major overhaul.  However, I might encourage us to look at our heart—when was the last time we spent time renovating, repairing, restoring, or rebuilding our soul.  I imagine if we did, someone might look at us and say, “It is not even the same person”… he (she) has come to life and has been made for a new way of living.


            This Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. in the MPB, we will discuss possible renovations for the church (I hope you will be there)… but may I suggest, a renovation of the heart might be what is most needed in our lives today.


Grace and Peace,



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9/13/18 Thought for Thursday

In October of 1517, Martin Luther penned his 95 Theses – a document that would shake the western world to its core and change the course of the church for years after. As I thought about what I would share in this Thoughts for Thursday, I kept going back to Martin Luther. Now, I am not going to write something that will change the course of the church but rather I would like to copy his style for 95 Theses and give you Travis’ 10 Theses on Youth Ministry. You see a thesis, back then, was a simple thought meant to provide insight and to provoke a deeper discussion. I hope that through these you can hear my heart for Youth Ministry, Southland, and how Students are transformed by the Gospel. So without further ado here are Travis’ 10 Theses on Youth Ministry.

  1. Youth Ministry should not shy away from encouraging students to encounter the deep and rich theological truths of our faith. They can/will/should wrestle with these truths as God shapes their faith and as they grow in their relationship with Him.
  2. Youth Ministry should involve the Parents of the students as best as possible. They are still the greatest influence on their teenager’s life when it comes to faith and their view on God.
  3. Students, like most individuals, want to be known. The more we can connect students with their peers and caring adult leaders the greater the impact the Gospel will have on that student’s life.
  4. Youth Ministry and Church should be fun.
  5. Christian students are the church today not just in the future. This means that God has a unique role for them in the Body of Christ that they can start doing today. This also helps them see how they can continue to serve God in the church throughout their life.
  6. Christian students are also best equipped to reach their peers for the Gospel. These students should be trained to see their schools/extra-curricular activities/etc. as mission fields.
  7. Youth ministry must be done with a sense of quality and integrity. We are presenting the best news around, FREEDOM IN CHRIST, and it should show in how we present it to students. Like Paul, we must also avoid underhanded ways to sell the Gospel but rather teach, lead, and nurture with integrity (2 Corinthians 4:2).
  8. The Bible is still relevant when teaching teenagers. We must train them in how to read and study it for themselves and hopefully start decreasing the Biblical illiteracy that has plagued the current generations.
  9. Youth Ministry takes a team to accomplish. It cannot be built on one person but must have a solid team of Adults who can reach out to students from various backgrounds. The more Christian Adult you can put in the path of a student the greater the chance their faith will remain strong after High School.
  10. Youth Ministry is not an island and must partner with other ministries, like children and preschool, throughout the church to best accomplish the goal of students being transformed, nurtured, and sent.

I want to again express my gratitude in how welcomed you have made my family feel during this transition. We are so excited to be here and I am so honored to be your Student Minister. I hope this serves as a good introduction and I look forward to what God will continue to do in the days ahead. May you all have a blessed week.

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