4/26/18 Message From Chris

A wise elder in one congregation offered the following counsel for times of discernment: “When the promise is clear and the cost is vague, watch out; the evil one may be wooing you.  But when the cost is clear and the promise is vague—yet there is something alluring, something that draws you forward—watch out.  You may be hearing the voice of God.” (1)

            As Southland Baptist celebrates her 40th Birthday, there are many in the congregation who understood a great cost of starting something new when there was no promise a church would materialize.  We have been celebrating those people and events through Sunday morning videos, special mission projects, and we will hold a grand celebration in September (more details to follow soon).  The ability to hear the voice of God is quite a testament to those pioneers.

            However, I sense Southland Baptist stands at a precipice in her history.  Will we once again take a step of faith in what is becoming a Post-Christian culture and hear the voice of God?  Will we choose the unknown future over the status quo?  Will we sacrifice not knowing the results, because we sense God’s family needs to become bigger with friends and neighbors who might be different than us?  Will we move forward knowing there are great costs and not knowing the results?

            For some of you, this quote might spark a remembrance of a dream that the Holy Spirit has planted inside you for some time.  The dream sounds crazy and it costs a lot.  It is no sure thing.  Yet, it is alluring, because it is the voice of God drawing you toward a new calling in your life.  The great Baptist missionary William Carey once said:  “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.”  May we never choose what is safe and secure over what God is calling us to do and be.

Grace and Peace,


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