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5/24/18 Message from Chris

This Sunday, the sermon title is “Remember the Worthwhile”.  I have noticed something about our contemporary culture.  We are memory maker machines.  We take selfies all day hoping to capture the perfect moment to share with the world.  We actually believe that the world is on pins and needles waiting for us to memorialize our dinner off the grill, our last date with our spouse, or our nephew’s one-year-old birthday.  What we remember has gotten out of control.   

Oxford dictionary’s definition of remember is: Have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness of (someone or something from the past).  This past week, I was riding with a friend and he asked me a trivia question. I was able to remember the name of a person who I have never met.  I was able to tell my friend what he did and where he worked.  I wondered why I could remember such a useless piece of information.  This past week, I also remembered my mom.  She would have been 70 on May 22.  My siblings and I shared stories of her and in those stories found that even though she had been gone for 4½ years, she was not as far away as we thought, because there is life in remembering.

This Sunday, we will remember our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as we partake of the elements in the Lord’s Supper.  When we eat the bread and drink the cup, we are proclaiming that the life of Christ and his death/and Resurrection changed history forever.  We are proclaiming that the life of Christ changes our life now.  We are proclaiming that Christ’s return one day will change eternity and his church will be present with him.  And when we remember, we become aware that there is life in remembering. 

I hope to see each of you on Sunday morning.


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