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6/25/18 A Message From Chris

Is it my day to write the Thought for Thursday (of course I am waiting until 2:00 in the afternoon to do this task)?  I have been thinking (that is what my personality type does) and I have been wondering how I can be part of something big for God.  I don’t know about you, but I always get caught with so much small stuff:

·         Taking care of the 8th grader and driving her from one event to the next

·         Trying to figure out where the water leak is coming from.

·         Telling myself that 5 more boxes must be unpacked before I call it a night.

·         Repeating myself over and over and wondering why I am doing it, because no one is listening anyway

·         Making sure Christ followers don’t get their feelings hurt (even though they should be more mature after following Jesus for 20 plus years)

·         Taking the car for an oil change

·         Blah, Blah, Blah—the list could go on and on—SMALL STUFF

Then I started reading the gospel stories and realized as much as I wanted to see a Jesus who was always performing big miracles that much of his time was spent with 12 disciples on very small stuff.  Jesus had to deal with

·         His closest followers debating which one was greatest in the kingdom

·         A loud mouth Peter who did not have that little voice in his head that told him not to say something

·         His followers not always understanding his parables, so Jesus had to explain the stories over again

·         Followers who complained when 4,000 people had no food even though they had already seen Jesus feed 5,000

·         12 followers who heard over and over about what was going to happen to Jesus only to lock themselves in a room scared for their life on the day he was crucified.

Yes, Jesus spent much of His time with the small stuff, just like me and I imagine just like you.  However, one day those followers were in an upper room and they finally got it (or should I say the Holy Spirit got them)—3000 were baptized that first day, and then God kept adding to that number daily and before you knew it—all that small stuff had become really big stuff over night!
Therefore, if you find yourself complaining that your life seems very small and insignificant, let me encourage you to keep at the small stuff, the details, the daily tasks that God has called you too—Because you never know when the small stuff will become really Big stuff for the Kingdom of God overnight!


May God Bless your small stuff and give you joy in your daily tasks.  Have a great day!


Pastor Chris

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