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7/26/18 A Message From Chris

Mother Teresa once said, “without patience, we learn less in life.  We see less.  We feel less. We will hear less.  Ironically rush and more usually mean less”.

I do not know about you, but the world in which I reside is constantly asking me to rush.  My phone constantly is notifying me:  Hurry up and respond to that text, answer that email, check the comment in Facebook.  Rush—we recently enrolled our daughters in school.  My oldest planned her entire academic life for the next three years—Rush.  I recently received a statement from my retirement account notifying me that if I wanted any chance to retire that there was still a multi-step plan to follow, but I needed to start now—Rush.  I have to admit that I am the person who even RUSHES on vacation like it is a competition to Vacation better than the neighbors-- Rush.  Finally, if I receive another email ad calling me to act in the next 24 hours to receive the deal of a lifetime… Rush!

Speaking of those emails about the Sales—our world is constantly asking us to acquire more, gather more, achieve more!

  • One More big career move will be the answer to all of your problems.
  • One More pair of shoes is the answer to your longings.
  • One More award will set you apart from the crowd

One More… it is a never ending rat race that many of us cannot escape.

May Mother Teresa’s words challenge us today!  It is being patient where we learn to say No to a hurried life and a life of acquisition.  Be patient and don’t fall into the trap that life is defined by how fast you live or how much you have.  This Sunday, I invite you to be with us in worship as we explore the idea of Patience.  Less really is more!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

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