Young & Median Adults

Classes for Young - Median Adults

ALMOST ADULTING- Post high school (college age). Maybe in college, military, working, or still trying to figure it out. They meet at 10:10 AM upstairs in Room 203. Led by Javier and Daisy Sanchez.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS- This is a group of people who "adulting" is now a reality. Come discover what God has for your life as you embark on your career. Led by David Currie and they meet in Room 126 in the Multi-Purpose Building.

STARTING POINT- This class is for engaged/ newly married couples who are embarking on marriage together and looking for people to “Do Life With” as they seek to follow Christ in all that they do. Led by Scott and Shelley Blanton and Mark and Becca Edens. They meet upstairs in Room 201.

PARENTING TOGETHER- This class consists of parents of preschoolers and elementary children as they seek to make God the center of their family. Led by Marcie and Lane Puckitt. They meet upstairs in Room 202.

SEEKERS- This class is for all seeking God's presence and purpose in their lives. This class is made up of parents and grandparents of school aged children. Led by Todd Kolls. They meet upstairs in Room 200.

REALIFE- This class is for both singles and couples. Most individuals in this class have school aged children in the home. Led by Stacie Elizondo and Kevin Barron. They meet in Room 102.

JOURNEY- This class concentrates on studying God’s Word and caring for each other. Many have college aged or young adult children. Led by Lindy Lyles and Lisa Owen. They meet in Room 101.